As the market of the SXS sector is thriving, there are many aficionados looking forward to buying new stuff and reselling their old ones. Those used SXSs present themselves as a smart option to the smart buyers. There are many options available to the customers by online exchange platforms and it also helps in narrowing down the quality ones and eliminating the useless ones. Due diligence is a must when it comes to seeking the right SXS at right price. The most important part is the inspection. We have listed some tips to refer to when buying a cote à cote usage.

The 7s: test ride

  • Starting: when the SXS is turned on and the engine is cranked over, it should start immediately. If it takes time to start or doesn’t even start or the battery is dead, then it is a matter of concern.

  • Smoke: once the engine is on, and if you see smoke from the exhaust, it is a bad sign and may cost you a fortune.
  • Slippage: when on a test ride, you may feel like the belt is slipping. This indicates that you may need a new belt which is affordable but there could be many clutching issues. When on an automatic transmission, if the clutch feels like it is slipping, you will need to invest some money in fixing that.
  • Speed: if you feel that the SXS is not performing to its best ability, then seek a different vehicle.
  • Stability: if the SXS doesn’t seem in control, feels loose and doesn’t ride straight, then you need to have a professional take a look at its suspension or steering.
  • Stopping: brakes are important as well. They aren’t expensive to fix, ensure that the pedals are strong.

Deceitful seller

Know that you control this transaction and the seller should give you all the free will to inspect the vehicle and ask any amount of questions you want to. Feel free to ask about the SXS’s service history, its main use, the amount of time it has been in use and check the odometer or hour meter on the machine. Many sellers will hide what the machine is used for and how hard it has been driven. You need to gain all the deets discreetly by asking what causes the seller to slip and divulge you things that may divert you factors that may make you step away from the deal.